Chaplaincy Team

Laurence McGonnell hails from the North East of England and is the manager of the chaplaincy team. While not a chaplain or representative of any particular faith group, Laurence is nevertheless available to any patient or family member who may wish to talk. A qualified Counsellor, Laurence holds Masters Degrees in Theology and Pastoral Psychology as well as Psychotherapy & Counselling. He is happy to deal with any request to see a chaplain outside of their regular visiting hours.

Rev. Mike Smith is Minister at Trinity Church in Finchley and is regularly at the Hospice on a Monday. Mike is a familiar face both on the in-patient unit and in day centre where his quiz skills are well known and appreciated.

Elizabeth West holds an MA in World Religions and has worked for Westminster Interfaith for ten years. She has a long interest in Eastern spirituality and particularly Buddhism, which she now practices. She has led numbers of Buddhist/Christian retreats and has founded the Buddhist Christian Vedanta network for the study and practice of contemplative spirituality across faith boundaries.

Rev. Cindy Kent has worked in the media since the 1960s and is a regular presenter on Premier Christian Radio. She is now Parish Priest at St John the Evangelist, Whetstone. Cindy visits the day centre and in-patient unit every Tuesday.

Sister Winifred Donlon is one of the newest members of the chaplaincy team and comes with a wealth of pastoral experience. She is a regular visitor to the day centre and in-patient unit every Thursday.

Rev. Deva Samaroo has been associated with the Hospice since it opened. He visits the Hospice at weekends and often leads the Ceremony of Remembrance. Deva has a medical background and has a son studying to become a doctor.

Caroline Black has been a member of the British Humanist Association since 1989 and a celebrant for ten years. She has conducted hundreds of funerals for atheists and agnostics all over London. Caroline’s family come from Golders Green and Holloway so she is an enthusiastic supporter of North London Hospice.

Rabbi Indigo Jonah Raphael
has specialised in hospital and hospice Chaplaincy and has an MA in Healthcare Chaplaincy and an MA in Hebrew and Jewish Studies.  He is also Chaplain in an NHS Trust and has been involved in the education of Rabbinic Students, providing pastoral and academic training. Rabbi Indigo comes into the Hospice on a Friday.

Cantor Stephen Robins is a well-known figure in the orthodox Jewish community. Stephen has been involved in music for many years and has produced and recorded many CDs. A strong supporter of the Hospice, Stephen is a regular on the chaplaincy weekend rota.

Mrs Christine Draper is Assistant Chaplain for Rev. Mike Smith, the Hospice Baptist and Free Church Chaplain. A member of the Methodist Church, Christine is currently Pastoral Secretary at Finchley Methodist Church. Christine is also a retired head teacher and has always lived and worked in Barnet. Since her retirement she has worked as a voluntary counsellor for Barnet Community Counselling and for Homeless Action in Barnet. Christine is married with four children and six grandchildren.

Saleem Chagtai is a British-born Imam who is well-versed in Islamic law and philosophy. He works with a number of Muslim organisations and is very active in the community. He is also interested in comparative religion and has participated in a number of inter-faith activities. He is a strong advocate of dialogue with people of all religions – and none – in order to develop mutual understanding and therefore a better society. Saleem is available on a Wednesday or at other times by request.

QUAKER CHAPLAIN Originally from northern Wisconsin Thom Bonneville has been living and working in London for the last 11 years. He attends the Muswell Hill Friends Meeting (Quaker) and is a member of Scriptural Reasoning (Westminster Meeting).

All members of the Chaplaincy Team can be contacted via the nursing staff if required.

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