• Event date
    23 September 2018 (Starts at: 18:00)
  • Location
    Shortmead House, Shortmead Lane, Biggleswade, SG18 0FG
  • Registration fee
  • Minimum sponsorship

Join Brilliant FireWalk and help raise funds for North London Hospice.

This is an amazing opportunity to try something incredible, whilst helping raise money for your local hospice.

Organiser, Mr and Mrs Brilliant, will prepare you mentally and physically, providing you with training, and food before a deep SoundWave meditation, so you will be able to walk across the hot coals as if you are a master fire walker.

The evening begins with a Firewalk training session* led by instructor Jon Boys. In this training you will learn techniques to overcome your greatest fears and discover new depths of self belief. As you master your mind Jo will be creating a sumptuous plant-based supper. This is the kind of food that makes you feel all warm and smiley inside. nourishing. reassuring and utterly delicious … mmm!

The second half of the evening takes you on a deep journey with Mr and Mrs Brilliant and their SoundWave magic. This music will rejuvenate, elevate and allow the healing to happen where you need it most. Most importantly it will lead you into the Firewalk itself.

The third part of the evening is the FireWalk (FanfarelJ ). Invite friends and family to support you as you walk on fire!!!

*The Firewalk training includes a series of exercises to build/find your confidence and belief in your own abilities. They are endearing, fun and challenging (and they are optional). The food is nourishing. warming and delicious – its a bonding experience and gives people an opportunity to speak and connect before they dive deep.  The SoundWave uses instruments that are designed to directly affect your physical and mental vibration to bring you into alignment with a state of deep meditation. Any healing that needs to be done within the body has the opportunity to happen in this session. As a spiritual firewalk it allows you to experience walking the coals in complete peace, control and alignment with yourself. A brilliant opportunity to learn how to face day to day life and all its glorious tapestry from a completely new perspective.

For more information contact Mr & Mrs Brilliant at mrandmrsbrilliant@gmail.com


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