Proms at St Jude’s

  • Event date
    20 June 2015
  • Location

Now in our 23rd Season! Now only days away from the start, tickets are selling fast for this year’s Proms. The LitFest weekend promises plenty of stimulus and variety from our eight authors. One of the hottest tickets will be for Bill Browder’s revelations about poisoning and corruption linked to the Kremlin. Learn to love maths with Alex Bellos and come to be amused, amazed and informed by Stanley Johnson and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Musicians Ashley Wass and Matthew Trusler’s Wonderland offers music from film to rock on piano and violin. Kammerphilharmonie Europa play Vivaldi, Mozart and Hummel and The Cardinal’s Musick take us back in time to music for the Sistine Chapel. And don’t forget the lunchtime concerts where you can hear tomorrow’s big names for free. From chamber music to jazz it will all be at St Jude’s this month. Run almost entirely by volunteers, the Festival gives all its surplus to charity: 75% goes to Toynbee Hall and 25% to the North London Hospice. Proms at St Jude’s For more information and to book tickets visit www.promsatstjudes.org.uk or call 020 3322 8123.

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