Sahara Trek

  • Event date
    16 October 2014
  • Location

COST:         £320 registration fee. Minimum sponsorship of £1,500. LOCATION: Sahara Desert CONTACT:  Fundraising on 020 8446 2288 or email fundraising@northlondonhospice.co.uk Sign up for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and help raise vital funds for North London Hospice. This four-day trek is accompanied by expert Berber guides with camel handlers and a Different Travel UK tour manager. Experience the vast and diverse landscape of the desert as you come across sand dune fields, rugged stony ground, dried up river beds, large rocky outcrops and even some wide gushing rivers! Each day’s trek will vary in duration depending on the fitness level of the group and the route taken, but on average you will be trekking for 5-8 hours per day with a long break at lunchtime when you will spend a few hours relaxing through the heat of the day. Throughout the trek you will gain an understanding of the Berber way of life as you taste some incredible local dishes, listen to the traditional songs, dance in the Berber way, learn how to cook bread in the sand, and most importantly raise vital funds for North London Hospice. For more information about this superb opportunity contact fundraising on 020 8446 2288 or email fundraising@northlondonhospice.co.uk Our fundraising team will supply you with a supporter’s pack and will be on hand throughout to help you reach your fundraising goal. Booking and Medical Form – North London Hospice Sahara Tre  pdf_download copy

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