Sow a Special Sunflower 2014

  • Event date
    31 July 2014
  • Location

Sow a sunflower 600

Sow a Special Sunflower

an appeal that enables friends and supporters of the Hospice to make a donation in memory of a loved one or friend.


In previous years our gardens flourished with hundreds of wooden sunflowers, each bearing the name of someone special. This year however, as we will be landscaping and replanting the gardens in order to make the area more tranquil and accessible to our patients and their families, we will be covering the front of the Hospice with ‘Sunflower Bunting’. Each flag will show the name of a loved one for whom a donation has been made to the Hospice.


By making a donation to ‘Sow a Special Sunflower’, not only will you be celebrating the memories and lives of your loved ones but you will also be helping to raise the vital funds we need to continue to provide our specialist services.


Last year ‘Sow a Special Sunflower’ raised over £20,000 and every penny of this was used to make a real difference to people living with a terminal illness.


Please help us beat last year’s total and make our Hospice shine with more sunflowers than ever before.


If you would like to ‘Sow a Special Sunflower’ and make a donation or if you require more ‘Sunflowers’ simply CLICK HERE to download the bunting sheet.
please remember to write the name of your loved ones in the space on the sunflowers. All you are asked to do is to give a donation of whatever you can afford. There is no minimum donation required.


The Sunflower Bunting will remain at the Hospice until the end of July. Please note that we are unable to return your flags to you.

  If you would like more information, please call our fundraising team on 020 8446 2288 or email fundraising@northlondonhospice.co.uk.  

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