Publicise your Event

Our communications team are here to support you. We can send you templates for posters and flyers, and we’ll also provide you with our logo to include on any publicity. Make your posters as clear as possible and tell people all the essential information. Such as:

  • The nature of the event
  • Where it is being held
  • When it is being held (day, date and time)

Most local shops only have space for A5 posters, so it’s best to print a range of sizes. You could visit your local shops and ask if they will display a poster for you. Most will be pleased to help you support a local charity. If they can’t have it in their window, perhaps they might put it in their staff room instead.  Leave a few in doctor’s surgeries or hairdressers – places where people sit and like to have something to read. Most supermarkets have community boards and may put your poster up too. Who do you think would like to come to your event? If it’s for children, could you send posters to nurseries or schools? If you want to let older people know about it – think about social or other clubs in your area. Remember, all publicity must include our charity number: 285300 Make sure you let us know about your event, so we can include it in all our promotional material. We can also contact the local newspapers on your behalf. Give the communications team a call and tell us your story. We are here to help make your event a success. Finally… Organising an event can be extremely stressful. At those times when you want to give up just remember why you’re doing it, and the fantastic feeling you’ll have when you can hand over the money to North London Hospice at the end!

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