Leaving a gift in your Will is a great way to ensure that we can continue to make a difference, not only now but in the future.  In fact almost 1 in 5 of our patients are cared for through the income we receive from legacies. North London Hospice relies greatly on people leaving gifts in their Wills to provide vital services to the local community. There are three main ways to leave a gift to North London Hospice.

Family and Friends First Legacy
At North London Hospice we know that caring for your family is a priority.  However, after making provision for your family and friends you can leave whatever is left in your estate (known as the residue) to North London Hospice, either alone or alongside other charities. Following new rules set out in the budget, it is possible to leave a gift to charity without impacting too much on gifts to your loved ones.

Cash Legacy
Cash donations are always very welcome.  But do remember that cash donations tend to decrease in value over time.  To avoid this you can either index link your gift or review it periodically to retain its original value.

Legacy in Kind
Specific items such as property, shares, jewelry or furniture can be gifted.  Leaving the contents of your home as a gift in your Will is most welcome as our shops can then realise the value of your gift for the Hospice.

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To discuss leaving a gift in your Will to North London Hospice, or for advice on writing a Will, please contact Fundraising fundraising@northlondonhospice.co.uk

Will Month

North London Hospice is delighted to announce that in November 2020 we are holding another Will Month. As with our previous Will Month campaigns, we have teamed up with several local legal firms who have offered their Will writing services on a pro bono basis for the whole of November. All we ask is that you consider making either a voluntary donation to North London Hospice, or pledge to leave the Hospice a gift of any size in your will. This is a wonderful way of ensuring that your affairs are all in order whilst supporting your local Hospice.

Every year thousands of people in the UK die intestate (without a Will) and having a Will written is the only way to ensure that your personal wishes are carried out after you die. If you would like to register your interest in this campaign, and be sent a list of the participating legal firms and more information, please complete the following form.

Administering a Will or paying in legacy donations

Please email if you have questions around administering a Will or want to pay in a donation.

Email: fundraising@northlondonhospice.co.uk

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, our fundraising office in Woodside Avenue is closed and fundraising staff are now working from home until further notice.

Please do not send us cheques, letters or anything through the post at this time as we’ll be unable to respond to or receipt these.


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