Organise an Event

If you’d like to organise an event and raise money for North London Hospice, we will be here to support you every step of the way.

We can provide posters, sponsorship forms and permission letters as well as buckets, t-shirts and banners. We’ll also promote it on our website and social media pages.

Getting started
Before you begin, discuss your plan with friends and family – they might also have some great suggestions too.

It’s a good idea to make a plan. Don’t forget to include the little things like ‘buy sellotape’ or ‘print out sponsorship forms’. Often it’s the small details that get forgotten.

Things to ask yourself before you start:

  • How many people will you need to help?
  • Will your friends and family volunteer?
  • Do you need car park marshals – perhaps your local Scouts or Air Cadets can help?
  • How are you going to raise the money?
  • Will people buy a ticket for a set price, or will you only be asking for donations?
  • Are you asking for sponsorship?
  • If your event is on public property, do you need to contact the police or local council to get permission?
  • Do you need first aid cover?
    If you are unsure about any of these things then contact the fundraising team for advice.

It’s always good to set yourself a fundraising target. You can contact us for some statistics that might encourage people to donate more.

For example, it costs around £750 for a patient to stay in the Hospice for one night.

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