16 runners are to tackle the London Marathon for NLH

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16 runners will be tackling the London Marathon this year on Sunday 24 April. Read about what has inspired them to take on this big feat and how their training regime is progressing.

Joel Bowman 

Joel, a 25 year old Management Consultant from Finchley will tackling the London Marathon for the first time this year in memory of his mum who was cared for by North London Hospice. Joel said: “I was touched by the outstanding emotional and physical support my mum received from North London Hospice’s wonderful nurses during her final weeks in 2009. Running the marathon in support for the hospice is one very small way to say thank you.”

“I run up to five times per week, including two-three short runs and one long distance run at a slow pace. I also try to buy over-priced running clothing so that I at least look like someone who could run quickly!



Mirjana Stanojevic

Running is definitely a family affair in the Stanojeivic household. Mirjana is running the London Marathon after being inspired by her son and daughter who both have taken part in running challenges to raise money for North London Hospice.

Mirjana, a college lecturer in her 40’s said: “It was my turn to embrace the challenge and fundraise for this great cause. The last time I ran 1km was about 30 years ago in my secondary school, I am not a natural in any sense. However I’ll never stop enjoying sports. Doing yoga regularly for the last 5 years has definitely helped to give me confidence.

“I started running at the end of last August and I couldn’t run for more than 10 min without stopping or feeling nauseous. Nowadays I can run around 12 miles in approximately two hours. That’s a big difference. I run three times a week, between 15 – 20 miles a week. I am aiming to raise enough money for the North London Hospice to make a difference and give back to the community I live in. “

Daniel Davis

Daniel, 27 years old decided to run his first marathon for North London Hospice. Daniel said: “After walking around the North Finchley Hospice for the first time last year, it became clear that I wanted to raise money for my local charity. The togetherness of the Hospice coupled with the friendliness of staff spurred me on to run for the Hospice.

“I’ve being going for long runs on the weekend and gym sessions during the week. Luckily pasta is my favourite food so carb loading has been a pleasure!”







Marianna Vivian


Marianna 32 years old, is also a marathon novice and is very much looking forward to her first ever marathon run. Marianna runs between three to four times a week in preparation for the big day.

Marianna said: “I am glad to be part of the North London Hospice team as it gives me the chance to fundraise for a good cause. Luckily I have not had any direct personal experience but I know how important is to care for people with a life limiting illness. I decided to take part in this amazing challenge to hopefully inspire other people to do the same.

“I have never been a sporty person, for me running just 20 minute was already a miracle. I am so surprised to see how much I am improving week after week. People that know me still cannot believe I am actually running a marathon. I just hope I can inspire them all, if I can do it anyone can do it!”



Samantha Meyer

Samantha Meyer 29 years old from Cape Town, South Africa only started running a year ago and is now taking on one of the biggest feats of her life. Samantha said:” I lost my mother in 2000 when I was 14 years old. She spent the two weeks prior to her passing at North London Hospice and was made to feel very comfortable. The staff were so friendly and accommodating.

“Running the London Marathon has been something I’ve always wanted to do before I turn 30 and it’s my way saying thank you to North London Hospice and to turn a really difficult experience into a positive one. It is real honour and a privilege to be associated with an organization doing such good work, who are close to my heart. Not to mention the support they gave my family and I in 2000.”


Elliot Kindler

Elliot, 23 years old, from North London is running the London Marathon in memory of his grandmother who was cared for by North London Hospice six years ago.

Elloit said: “This will be the first time I run the London marathon. It means a lot to me running for the Hospice. The care my grandmother received at the Hospice was amazing.

“My current training regime is that I am trying to go on three runs a week, the longest run I have gone on so far is a half marathon that I ran in Budapest.”

Sarah Bouette

Sarah 28 from Hertfordshire, is no stranger to running marathons, this will be her third time she embarks on this challenge.

Sarah said: “I lost my mum when I was six and The North London Hospice gave me and my family so much support through my mum’s illness . I wanted to run for this amazing charity to bring awareness to North London Hospice and raise money to support the work they do.

“I’m training quite intensively now by running short runs in the week and a long run at the weekend where I build up the miles.”

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