A crafty patient at North London Hospice

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Joe from Enfield was diagnosed with chronic emphysema 10 years ago and spends 17 hours a day on oxygen. When his respiratory nurse at his local clinic suggested coming to the North London Hospice, he thought his time was up.

“I thought why is she suggesting I go to a hospice! I’d never been in a hospice before. I thought they were sad, gloomy places where people spent their last few days. I was very wrong! I’ve been coming to North London Hospice at Winchmore Hill as an outpatient to do yoga breathing and I’m so glad I did. It’s made such a difference to my symptoms, I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I also get home exercises to practice.

“The hospice certainly isn’t gloomy or sad. It’s such a lovely, bright modern space and everyone is so lovely and friendly and always happy to help.”

Before Joe’s diagnosis, Joe liked to dabble in carpentry as a hobby. Spurred on by his friend he started to spend his free time hand crafting walking sticks from local foraged wood.

“A friend of mine is a very talented carpenter who makes wooden toys and suggested I should try having a go. But I didn’t fancy making wooden toys, they were too fiddly for me. So I tried my hand at making wooden walking sticks. I used to really enjoy it, but since I’ve been ill I can’t continue making them because the dust really aggravates my condition.

I decided to round up the 10 or so walking sticks I had left in my workshop and donated them to the Hospice to sell in return for a donation. They have been really popular with patients and staff, which makes me really happy as they are going to a very worthwhile cause.”

Joe has so far raised over £70 selling his walking sticks for the Hospice.

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