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Families and friends have a new way to display a lasting tribute to their loved ones following the launch of a unique memorial at North London Hospice.

The charity has unveiled a special Tribute Tree adorned of 500 gold, silver and bronze metallic leaves that can be dedicated to a special person.

Around 80 guests attended a special event at the Hospice in Woodside Avenue on Thursday evening to officially unveil the eye-catching sculpture in the reception area.

Speaking at the event Simon Tuckey, the nephew of Doreen and Lionel Smith, funders of the tree said: “My uncle and aunt lived in the same street as the Hospice and quietly admired their work.

“They worked hard and lived a very ordinary life, with no frills or luxuries. They had no children and decided to leave their wealth to the Hospice. We are immensely proud that their simple life has resulted in such an extraordinary result.”

North London Hospice’s Chief Executive Pam McClinton added: “A tree can be a symbol for many things, such as strength, life, growth and individuality. It is the concept of individuality that we have chosen as a focus. The fact that no two leaves are alike and no two journeys along the same path are alike.

“The tree is a stunning piece of art that not only gives the opportunity for many to have a lasting tribute to a loved one, but also gives us a chance to recognise the ongoing, dedication and support we receive from our various community and support groups.”

The Tribute Tree has generated £29,675 so far, which will goes towards funding Hospice services to patients and families.

For more information on how you can dedicate a leaf to a loved one on our Tribute Tree click here.


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