Hospice nurses caring over Christmas

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Providing round-the-clock care, 365 days of the year, has always been a crucial element of the work North London Hospice do.

When someone is seriously ill, families want to make Christmas a special time, and the nurses at North London Hospice play a vital role in ensuring that can happen.

Fran Deane, Director of Clinical Services at North London Hospice, said: “We cannot change the outcome of someone’s illness, but we can make a huge difference by helping to control symptoms to improve their quality of life and give them valuable time with family and friends in the comfort and security of their home.”

“Sadly, for some of our patients, this could be their last Christmas and so it is particularly poignant for all the family to share this special time together in an atmosphere of security and love. I know our nurses feel it is a privilege to be trusted to make this happen and they never begrudge a missed Christmas dinner because they have been able to make a difference at the most difficult time in a person’s life.

Christmas is also a special time for people staying in our inpatient unit in Woodside Avenue. At Christmas we decorate the hospice and prepare little gifts for all the patients. The Salvation Army will join us on Christmas Eve to play around the hospice and in patient rooms. Our chefs will also prepare a festive meal. It might be their last Christmas so we want them to enjoy it as best they can.”

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