Hospice Patients Receive a Furry Friend

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Pet therapy is something that really helps our patients at NLH and we have had many four-legged friends come through the Hospice doors to provide companionship and joy to our patients.

This month we have had Sue and her dog Cosmo from TheraPaws visit the Finchley Hospice.

Sue, Cosmo’s owner, said: ‘It was fantastic to see how Cosmo took to his therapy role so quickly and effortlessly, whether it was cuddling up to people in their beds or saying hello to people in the

communal space. So many people starting
smiling and laughing and truly thanked us for bringing him in to visit. When we mentioned this is going to be a regular thing they couldn’t believe it.’

Sue and Cosmo will be visiting patients at Finchley every fortnight on a Wednesday from 2.30–3.30pm.

TheraPaws is The Mayhew Animal Home’s pet therapy programme, visiting care homes, hospitals and hospices all over North and West London. If anyone is interested in volunteering with TheraPaws please visit http://www.themayhew.org/therapaws ]www.themayhew.org/therapaws


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