Hospice Values Revised

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The Hospice publishes in a Mission, Vision and Values statement the values that shape the way it works; the statement is posted on the Hospice website and in various documents. In 2013 the values were reviewed and a revised version of the statement was agreed, containing values under eight headings.

Over time it became apparent that the way the values were now expressed was unwieldy; there were too many of them to be easily memorable, and many staff, although abiding by them, found it difficult to evidence their compliance with them during performance review. It seemed also that in their current form the values went unnoticed day to day and unrehearsed. The Executive Team felt it was timely to look again at the values with a view to simplifying them and making them more memorable.

Following much consultation during April and May this year with staff and volunteers, a new form of values were drafted, which have been approved by the Board of Trustees.

The Hospice values are now expressed under just four headings and are as follows.

  • Trusting Relationships – ensuring effective collaboration and team working
  • Adaptable – ensuring continuous improvement
  • Learning & Development – ensuring continuous personal and team development
  • Good Communication – ensuring clarity, respect and mutual understanding

This expression of the Hospice values now appears in the Mission, Vision and Values statement.Β 


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