Local mum and daughters climb Killimanjaro for North London Hospice

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When Talya’s daughter Leora, invited her to climb Mt. Killimanjaro with her, she hesitated. However when she thought about it Talya realised she could take this challenge on in honour of her mother, Harriett Goodman, and raise money for the North London Hospice who cared for her in early 2014.


“I chose the North London Hospice because I wanted to do something in memory of my mother. The Hospice had been so amazing, not only caring for my mum but they were there for us too. My mum was looked after at home by the wonderful North London Hospice community team. During her last days when I stayed over with her, and in the early hours of the morning when I couldn’t think clearly there was always someone on the end of the line from the Hospice, that I could talk to.”


“My mother didn’t have cancer which is what I’d always associated the Hospice with, but even so she received the same support as a cancer patient to enable her to stay at home.  Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was my way of saying thank you to the Hospice for being there when we needed them.”


To prepare for her immense climb Talya regularly walked a 6.5 mile route down to Parliament Hill and back up with a heavy backpack.  She also did a 16 mile night walk and a 9 mile daytime walk to get her ready for the tough climb ahead.


Talya said: “My husband, Albert, insisted I had a trainer, so for the first time in my life I had the wonderful luxury of a personal trainer called Neil, who somehow effortlessly got me to a level of strength that I’d never have believed possible.  I had no trouble at all with my legs or arms on the climb, no muscle pain or strain just the tiredness of walking uphill for hours on end in high altitude.”


“Although Leora got me involved in climbing Mt. Killimanjaro my youngest daughter, Alex, decided to come on board with us.  It was a wonderful bonding time and when I had to go down at 4,630m due to altitude sickness they picked up the North London Hospice mantle and took the t-shirts to the summit.  We left the t-shirts with the fantastic crew who serviced our climb and who have so little, they really appreciated everything we left with them. The green North London t-shirt will certainly be seen around Mt. Kilimanjaro for a long time to come.”

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