Local personal fitness instructor sets sights on Mt Killimanjaro for North London Hospice

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Anne Iarchy a personal fitness instructor from North Finchley is taking on one of the challenges of her life and something she has always wanted to do. Next July 2018, Anne will be setting off to climb Killimanjaro, Africa’s biggest mountain free standing at a height of 5,895m. Read about what spurred Anne to take on this feat for North London Hospice. 

1. What made you sign up to this challenge?

Kilimanjaro has always been on my bucket list. I don’t think that up until now I was ready for it. But having done a lot of personal growth work, and realising that life is short, when Jenny from the fundraising team mentioned Kilimanjaro, something clicked, and I just said yes.

3. What will your training regime entail?

My training regime will be to continue with my normal training routine as is. Being a personal trainer, I do 2 strength training session a week, a pilates session a week.  I try to swim once a week as well as a daily morning walk. I’m slowly but surely rebuilding my strength after a few years of injury after a car accident. So it’s another motivation to make it happen.

I am planning to add some hill walking when I can. Living in London that’s not the most ideal place for it, but I am going to focus on it a couple of times a month, just driving out somewhere for the day, and hike up. And the odd weekend in the mountains/hills somewhere. Focusing on my breathing and working on that will be another aspect of my training. No one knows how one reacts to altitude, but I can only be as prepared as I can be. 

3. What are you most looking forward to about this challenge?

I’m looking forward to the journey. I’m a big believer in challenging oneself on a regular basis and do something out of ones comfort zone. Kilimanjaro is way out there. Combining that with fundraising is the best of two worlds.

4. Have you got a personal connection to the Hospice?

I don’t have a personal connection with the Hospice. A few relatives of friends of mine have had some amazing care when needed. It’s a fabulous local place, that does amazingly important work, and needs our financial support.

5. How do you plan to fundraise for this event?

I’m planning to organise monthly extra exercise sessions, at my studio as well as in the park for the larger community. A monthly raffle by approaching local businesses to donate prizes. Organise some talks on health and wellbeing. Since I’m going to be walking at weekends, get people to join me while donating. Collecting change from my clients and friends over the next few months. And I’m sure more ideas will come up as the months go by.

Having grown up in a family that is very focused on charity and fundraising for various causes, combining my bucket list with fundraising is a no brainer.


To sponsor Anne go to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/aiarchykili

To find out more about this challenge and other fundraising events go to: https://www.northlondonhospice.org or call the fundraising team at North London Hospice on: 020 8446 2288


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