Nicola gets muddy for North London Hospice

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Nicola Myers wanted to show her gratitude to North London Hospice, the place that cared for her mum back in 2009, so she decided to take part in one of the toughest physical challenges, the Tough Mudder. Together with her brother, cousin and partner, the team raised over £700 for the Hospice.

Nicola said: “My mum was cared for by the North London Hospice in 2009 and whilst she was very sick she enjoyed every second there and was very happy whilst being cared for. They supported her, myself and my family and have such a fantastic and well deserved reputation.  I speak to a lot of people who know about the North London Hospice and quite often they have in some way been touched by the care they provide. The general feedback over the years is that they do great things for people and how fantastic their staff are and I could not agree more.

I have raised money for the North London Hospice over the years and will continue to do so, they are a truly fabulous charity, with not only wonderful values and missions, but a great haven for sick people and their families and just the most excellent staff, from nurses, to reception staff to the cleaners, volunteers and beyond. I feel that I will forever have a debt of gratitude towards the North London Hospice even though my mother was only with you for a short time.”


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