North London Hospice partners with Hospice biographers charity

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The volunteering team at North London Hospice have been instrumental in providing training for a new and nationwide charity. Hospice Biographers offers terminally ill patients the chance to have their life stories professionally recorded on audio for their enjoyment and for the therapeutic benefit of being able to ‘tell their story’.

Debbie Usiskin, volunteer engagement lead at North London Hospice said: “Earlier this year Hospice Biographers contacted us about their charity. We told them about the emotional resilience training that we offer our volunteers and they were really keen to get their volunteers on board. We then came up with a bespoke training package for the charity which was piloted in May. We have now agreed to train the volunteer trainers at Hospice Biographers from 2018, which will mean they will be able to deliver the emotional resilience training without us.”

Lorraine Crossland who has been coordinating the training at The Hospice Biographers said: “The Hospice Biographers’ training programme has been greatly enhanced through our collaboration with North London Hospice. We’ve used many elements from their excellent Oyster training and lots of help, advice and guidance from Debbie and Sharon. It’s thanks to North London Hospice that we’ve got such a great training package to offer our hospice biographers of tomorrow. ”

For more information on The Hospice Biographers: https://www.thehospicebiographers.com



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