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Once again, the annual surveys to patients and families were sent out for a six-month period during 2015.

We sent out a total of 989 surveys to patients and relatives/carers across the services and 315 surveys were returned (32%).

2015 saw the introduction of surveys to Haringey Community patients and relatives. Separate surveys were sent to Outpatients and Therapies patients – they had previously been sent out as one survey under the Day Services umbrella.

For the Inpatient Unit and Therapies surveys we started to collect survey data using hand-held tablets rather than paper surveys. This is to help us increase the number of responses and to provide immediate feedback to these services.

All the 2015 data has been recorded using new software, and for the first time unanswered questions have been included. This may be a contributing factor as to why the 2015 results are on the whole lower than in previous years.

Here are some of the results:

Do you feel staff treat you with:

Inpatient Unit (IPU) patients Community Team (CT) patients Outpatients Therapies patients
Compassion 71% 89% 81% 89%
Understanding 79% 91% 86% 94%
Courtesy 82% 89% 90% 100%
Respect 82% 87% 90% 100%
Dignity 79% 88% 86% 94%

(Responded ‘Always’)

Overall, do you have confidence in the staff?

IPU pats IPU rels CT pats (all) CT rels (Barnet& Enfield) CT rels (Haringey) PCSS* O/P Therapies patients
71% 90% 91% 72% 83% 96% 90% 78%

(responded ‘Completely’)

Would you recommend the service to friends or family?

IPU pats IPU rels CT pats (all) CT rels (Barnet& Enfield) CT rels (Haringey) PCSS* O/P Therapies patients
89% 100% 95% 89% 89% 100% 90% 89%

(responded ‘Extremely Likely/Likely’)

 *Palliative Care Support Service (Hospice at Home)

 Some comments:

“North London Hospice is a wonderful place that offers an exceptional service.”

“Have been very helpful – much better understanding of the drugs and side effects and how to deal with them, than some of the doctors.”

“At the Hospice and treated with such warm and friendly smiles, the word ‘hospice’ has no fear for me now.””

If you would like any further information please contact Deborah Mosdall, by email dmosdall@northlondonhospice.co.uk or by telephone 020 8343 8841.

The 2016 surveys commenced on May 1.

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