Swimmer tells all about taking part in the Great Newham London Swim

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Nicole Tranmer tells us what it was like to take part in this year’s Great Newham London Swim which took place on Saturday 18 July. “It was an amazing day, beautiful weather and the conditions were very good for swimming. I was pretty apprehensive before getting in the water but everyone was very friendly and it was good to hear some other people’s experiences of the swim. Once I started swimming I felt very relaxed and it was incredibly enjoyable. I can say I am a true Londoner now that I have swum in the Thames! I took 38mins and 40secs to complete the 1 mile distance so I was pleased to come in under 40 minutes. Would I do it again? Of course! Having always been a pool swimmer, the open water swimming training was extremely important, particularly getting used to not seeing very well in open water, the colder temperatures AND spotting so you don’t get lost! Why did I want to do the swim? I picked up one of the charity’s leaflets when I was visiting my cousin Tim and I thought it would be a great idea to get a few of us together to do the London Swim. I only managed to persuade Stu to join me as most people were surprisingly very reluctant! The North London Hospice has been absolutely fantastic looking after Tim with great care and sensitivity and raising money for the charity is our way of saying thank you. The highlight of our day was when Tim joined us for a family party after the swim. He thinks that Stu and I are mad and he is right. We all need to be a little bit crazy, take ourselves outside of our comfort zone and embrace something new because we can!”

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