Bereavement Service

We have a group of trained staff and volunteers who are able to offer one-to-one specialist support and counselling.

The team assists patients in coping with the emotional effects of loss of health and in making the emotional adjustments that will help them to live the remainder of their lives as they wish.

Bereaved families and friends are cared for and assisted in expressing their grief and loss and to eventually make the important transition to a new way of living.

This support is provided by volunteers who have had training and acquired specialist support skills. The Hospice support service understands that loss and transition is a normal but emotionally painful process which everyone goes through in their own individual way.


Those experiencing grief and bereavement during the coronavirus pandemic are also facing the added challenges of social distancing and self isolation. The usual support networks are not easily available. Our Social Work Manager Patricia McCrossan looks at the ways families are finding to still share bereavement and offers ideas on things you can do to support yourself and others. Read her account here

One-to-One Spiritual Support

We have chaplains of many faiths at the Hospice, as well as a humanist. You can discuss any topic relating to spirituality within your own religious - or non-religious – beliefs. This might be things such as the meaning of the life of the person who has just died, or the purpose of your life without them. You may also wish to discuss your views about an afterlife and what this means to you.

Walk and Talk

Come along to our Walk and Talk event. An informal opportunity to meet others who have been bereaved and talk while you walk, with the support of volunteers.

Practical Help

The prospect of sorting through the paperwork and belongings after someone has died can, quite understandably, seem overwhelming. It may even become more difficult as time goes by. Our bereavement support volunteers will provide help and support as you go through this process.

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